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223. Axel Stein [fvdg]   (20.04.2018 19:14)
20 EUR transfer made via Paypal, please can you upgrade me to VIP?
Thank you!
Answer: please wait a little time, i'm trust you but as soon as receive a confirmation from the wallet owner, I will immediately activate your account
thank you and sorry for a small inconvenience

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222. Axel Stein [fvdg]   (18.04.2018 19:52)
Can I please pay the VIP access with PayPal, right on the side is "paypal by request"?
Answer: I'm send necessary data to your registered e-mail
Have a nice time

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221. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (16.04.2018 07:46)
3 weeks im access denied and no comment , zthats bad and not ok . please check my account or telll me why banned.

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220. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (22.03.2018 20:45)
access denied , can you help me? Please answer , must i have a new account say what you want .

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219. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (18.03.2018 08:46)
Warum wird mein Account nicht repariert? Ich würde mir gerne die Ein oder Andere Scheibe sichern wollen . Vielen Dank schon mal !!

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218. Night [nighthunter]   (14.03.2018 19:27)
hello, can you give me again for the vip access the paypal address, unfortunately the last time in the spam ordener extinguished, or by PM
Answer: I'm was send again to your registered e-mail address
Think that PM for general users are not worked

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217. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (14.03.2018 13:26)
Login ok but i cant download any File , link goes to registry Side of Gorbushka Payment

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216. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (14.03.2018 13:25)
my LOGIN is defect please check it

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215. Night [nighthunter]   (10.03.2018 21:24)
Hello, I can pay the VIP access with PayPal,right on the side is "paypal by request"
Answer: I'm send necessary data to your registered e-mail
Have a nice time

214. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (22.02.2018 00:20)

Please Deep 90s vol 5

Answer: this bootleg already posted on site - Deep 90s vol 5

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213. gustin blockx [gustinblockx]   (17.02.2018 19:42)
I just did my payment with skrill
Can you upgrade me too vip status

Answer: VIP was activated, please read more info in sended letter to your e-mail address
Have a nice time

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212. Robur Gorki [Robur]   (18.01.2018 12:59)
Happy Birthday! biggrin
Answer: Thank you very much

211. Hafeez [realdeal_uk]   (21.12.2017 23:08)
Hi have a request please if possible please:

DMC - Various - Monsterjam 2017 - Album

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! smile
Answer: some later my friend, i'm will remember
have a nice holidays

210. Sunny [Sunny_2010]   (30.10.2017 14:37)
Are you currently doing a break?

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209. valko [valko]   (16.10.2017 01:42)
Hi, 20 EUR transfer made via Skrill, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Your VIP status was activated / Please read letter for more info

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