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170. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (20.04.2016 04:48)
Hello PLease

Spanish mix vol.17, vol 33 cd2 , vol.47
Mixmania vol.17,19,20,21,22,25, 26,5

Answer: What is Mixmania?
Can be you want to say Mixmaxima???

Requested volumes was refreshed

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169. Edwin Turkenburg [edwint]   (01.04.2016 22:15)
Hello! 15 € transfer made, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Hello Edwin
Your VIP status was activated, please read letter (sended to your e-mail address) for more info also

Have a nice time

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168. Steve Roberts [boogietunes]   (30.03.2016 13:39)
Heyyyyy, Greetings from the United Kingdom. This is a truly great site. It is a shame that it does not (at least) have some free downloads as alot of them are available elsewhere free smile I know nothing in life is free but..... oh well.

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167. Андрей [kuvalda100]   (26.03.2016 13:32)
Здравствуйте! Я разместил Ваши ссылки на форуме 8O-е.ru. Надеюсь, Вы не будете против! Если будете против, известите меня. Я всё уберу. Спасибо Вам за ваш сайт! С уважением kuvalda100.
Answer: Не стоит нигде ничего размещать, да и в принципах работы сайта я вроде указывал - размещение скрытой информации (ссылок на скачивание) с сайта на сторонних ресурсах приведет лишь к ограничению доступа здесь
Если же это просто ссылка на сам сайт или видимую информацию всем посетителям, то тут ничего плохого нет

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166. Bernd Geiger [Pulle]   (28.02.2016 15:46)
you make a great job.
thanks a lot!
can you please refresh Future trance Vol. 61 - 67,
it`s not work.
thanks and best regards wink
Answer: I'm check, download & unpack normally all links from 61 to 67 (except volume 63)

Future Trance vol 63 was refreshed to Cloud.Mail

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165. [laser]   (13.02.2016 20:17)
Hello stopfind,You have posted in this forum ltalodisсо.n1
Have only one question to your's my friends
I have full serie Shanghai Disco Nights (60 CDs), but not surethat your neeed it ...
What are you are thinking ...
So because I had great interest.
Can you help me with that? Thx laser
Answer: Hi laser
Unfortunately I have not attended the forum (I hope everything is okay) since i'm very limited in time, sometimes it is not enough to maintain my site yet
Glad to hear that you have all volumes from a series of Shanghai Disco Nights in full version
I think that is very good / I'm not post all CDs on site because I try not to spoil its visitors and do not publish anything on request, all available only since presented

Have a nice weekend and Happy Valentine's Day


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164. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (22.01.2016 03:20)
Hello! 15 € transfer made, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Your VIP status was activate, please read a e-mail letter also

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163. [HC96]   (18.01.2016 13:03)
Down all links ?
What's happening? surprised
Answer: Think that was temporary problem by cloud services
Now all link are working

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162. Jens Hofby [DJ_RETRO]   (06.01.2016 18:15)
X-Mix Dance Series 051 - 060
Any change for update on this tongue
Answer: I'm dont see problems with X-Mix Dance Series 051 - 060
Links are worked, downloaded & unpacked normally

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161. Nagy Arpad [arpinagy28]   (31.12.2015 18:19)
Hello, you say it's a nonprofit site,but you ask 15Eur for what? To be a VIP user?? I don't want to be a VIP user,only to download. By the way, why didn't you announce before registration, that without 15 Eur the registration is useless?
Answer: We can't delete your account because all registration maked through global uID service, if you want remove your uID account, you can try to use this instruction - accountkiller.com/en/delete-uid-me-account

When you delete this your registered global account - you automatically will be removed from our site

Have a nice time & happy new year

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160. Hafeez Akram [realdeal_uk]   (31.12.2015 09:12)
Hello! 15 € transfer made, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Yuor VIP status was activate, please read a e-mail letter also

Have a nice time & Happy New Year

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159. DJ-Time DJ-Time [DJ-Time]   (30.12.2015 16:42)
Hi everyone how I'm going VIP Please answer? smile
Answer: I think as well as any other interested users, everything written here - http://gorbushka4ever.net/publ

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158. Solo sounds [cover_collector]   (27.12.2015 13:24)
hi all
Vip paid can you confirm this has processed ok, many thanks
Answer: Your VIP was activate, please read a e-mail letter also
Have a nice time

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157. mcity [mcity]   (25.12.2015 21:26)
Many times I see the mixeimet here, but never have written that I edited, I prepared. (Mixed: mCIYT)
Answer: All Mcity mixes presented on site have this title on covers (liked "Mixed Mcity"), all covers packed in original size (i'm hoped) to archives

And please dont say about "original" covers - i'm see on forums as minimum two last "not original" cover by Kohl's Uncle or Mixa Mix named "Mcity cover"

While you are trying to tell us which ones are right and which are wrong, its funny...

Have a nice time

Best wishes & Merry Christmas

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156. mcity [mcity]   (25.12.2015 21:23)
Answer: We get compilation by Oblivion (by German Shlandikov) with presented cover

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