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153. Brian Wilson [brianmp3man]   (12.10.2015 20:54)
How do i become VIP to download ?,thanks.
Answer: Press to Download link in any news and you will see how You can become a VIP-member

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152. jose cortez [jose20302883]   (30.08.2015 01:38)
i push the download red button it does not give me no links
Answer: maybe you have disabled JavaScript (check the settings for the site in browser)
nobody have any problem except you, It is clearly a problem in your browser

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151. jose cortez [jose20302883]   (29.08.2015 05:34)
i am not able to download why can you please fix the problem thanks
Answer: I dont see any problem with your account my friend
You dont see links or cant downlod files from servers Cloud.Mail?

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150. hoshie paulchen123 [svete]   (16.08.2015 15:11)
Hab grad 15 € geschickt!Bitte VIP freischalten!

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149. John Lee [Futronics]   (25.07.2015 03:59)
Hope you feel better soon and no problem with the delay on posting
Answer: sorry, new publications will be updated as soon as possible
hope it will be very soon
dont worry

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148. joe ott [Maico]   (07.06.2015 13:41)
look pls in your Emailadress,i have you sent money via paypal for activate my vip ,my name is maico,my emailadress is <<censored>>
check pls

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147. Christo Bald [Christobald]   (28.05.2015 03:37)

Can you Reload I Love Retro volume 2 [2013] / 3xCD

Answer: New links for download availabled now

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146. John Lee [Futronics]   (06.04.2015 07:27)
Can you Reload DJ Echenique Back to The 2000s volume 2? Thanks
Answer: New links for download availabled now

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145. Christo Bald [Christobald]   (29.03.2015 18:52)
It's Ok, I'm sorry.
A problem at this time. I dont't know wink
Answer: Have a nice time

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144. Christo Bald [Christobald]   (29.03.2015 18:03)
Hello everybody

Dead link or problem :

VA - [The New Generation Of] PowerMixx vol 08 [1996] Yearmixx '95

Answer: Link are worked, i'm check it:

Always transfer directly from news (this case is more prefered because you always will transfer to correct links for download)

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143. DJ-Time DJ-Time [DJ-Time]   (13.03.2015 22:08)
sad try but everything

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142. DJ-Time DJ-Time [DJ-Time]   (13.03.2015 22:07)
Hi my friend, you also get access zun board even if you are not a VIP? TDL there are not too bad smile
Answer: Everything is so messy that I did not understand smile
TDL is closed by claim (unless of course I interpret them correctly)

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141. 123598741 56897452 [dgsfrdgr]   (18.02.2015 09:45)
hallo hab gerade einen vip account gemacht und die 15 euro per pay pal überwiesen wie lange dauert die freischaltung?
Answer: Sorry for little delay, your VIP was activated, have a nice time

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140. Alexander Müller [schwarzmann]   (15.02.2015 15:07)
wie kann ich Music runterladen

bin neu hier, kann mir einer helfen
Answer: der Download-Links ist nur für VIP-Mitglieder verfügbar
Informationen über VIP-Status erhalten wird geschrieben, wenn Sie auf einen Link klicken "Download" jeder News

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139. Jens Hofby [DJ_RETRO]   (06.02.2015 23:20)

Bolero Mix 28
Bolero Mix 29
Bolero Mix 30

Answer: Bolero Mix 28,30 was refreshed,
Bolero Mix 29 - links are worked, i'm check and download without problem

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