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160. Hafeez Akram [realdeal_uk]   (31.12.2015 09:12)
Hello! 15 € transfer made, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Yuor VIP status was activate, please read a e-mail letter also

Have a nice time & Happy New Year

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159. DJ-Time DJ-Time [DJ-Time]   (30.12.2015 16:42)
Hi everyone how I'm going VIP Please answer? smile
Answer: I think as well as any other interested users, everything written here - http://gorbushka4ever.net/publ

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158. Solo sounds [cover_collector]   (27.12.2015 13:24)
hi all
Vip paid can you confirm this has processed ok, many thanks
Answer: Your VIP was activate, please read a e-mail letter also
Have a nice time

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157. mcity [mcity]   (25.12.2015 21:26)
Many times I see the mixeimet here, but never have written that I edited, I prepared. (Mixed: mCIYT)
Answer: All Mcity mixes presented on site have this title on covers (liked "Mixed Mcity"), all covers packed in original size (i'm hoped) to archives

And please dont say about "original" covers - i'm see on forums as minimum two last "not original" cover by Kohl's Uncle or Mixa Mix named "Mcity cover"

While you are trying to tell us which ones are right and which are wrong, its funny...

Have a nice time

Best wishes & Merry Christmas

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156. mcity [mcity]   (25.12.2015 21:23)
Answer: We get compilation by Oblivion (by German Shlandikov) with presented cover

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155. mcity [mcity]   (25.12.2015 20:00)
If you take your music, why do not you share it with the original cover?
Answer: What you're named "original" cover?

Usually, we dont change covers if get it with releases (except the case when cover is not available, have very low quality or poor for visible) When Mixa Mix, Kohl's Unlce and other DJs send mixes we publish releases with covers that we recieved by DJs, when DJ West or DJ Fifa (for example) to request to make cover for his mixwork - we try to make our cover for his works

In any case, really its not very important - what cover published with news and absolutely do not pay attention to it

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154. homestudio75 none [ft]   (20.12.2015 19:35)
nothing is free here i see only for V.I.P. SLSK is free
pay for faster download you are all crazy you paid to youre provider now you paid dubble lol
pitty haves nice collection but not for here
Answer: Each user selects the resource which it is convenient,
If you are not satisfied with the proposed option - to use the other suitable for you ways of obtaining the necessary information
Thanks for your interest in our site, have a nice time

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153. Brian Wilson [brianmp3man]   (12.10.2015 20:54)
How do i become VIP to download ?,thanks.
Answer: Press to Download link in any news and you will see how You can become a VIP-member

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152. jose cortez [jose20302883]   (30.08.2015 01:38)
i push the download red button it does not give me no links
Answer: maybe you have disabled JavaScript (check the settings for the site in browser)
nobody have any problem except you, It is clearly a problem in your browser

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151. jose cortez [jose20302883]   (29.08.2015 05:34)
i am not able to download why can you please fix the problem thanks
Answer: I dont see any problem with your account my friend
You dont see links or cant downlod files from servers Cloud.Mail?

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150. hoshie paulchen123 [svete]   (16.08.2015 15:11)
Hab grad 15 € geschickt!Bitte VIP freischalten!

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149. John Lee [Futronics]   (25.07.2015 03:59)
Hope you feel better soon and no problem with the delay on posting
Answer: sorry, new publications will be updated as soon as possible
hope it will be very soon
dont worry

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148. joe ott [Maico]   (07.06.2015 13:41)
look pls in your Emailadress,i have you sent money via paypal for activate my vip ,my name is maico,my emailadress is <<censored>>
check pls

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147. Christo Bald [Christobald]   (28.05.2015 03:37)

Can you Reload I Love Retro volume 2 [2013] / 3xCD

Answer: New links for download availabled now

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146. John Lee [Futronics]   (06.04.2015 07:27)
Can you Reload DJ Echenique Back to The 2000s volume 2? Thanks
Answer: New links for download availabled now

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