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184. Sunny Crockett [Sunny_2010]   (29.07.2016 01:28)
Good to hear that you are back soon,
not so nice to hear that you was seriously sick.
But I'm happy that you are better now and everything
went well.
Take your time and relax, health always comes first!
I was just wondering as no comments where made.

183. Sunny Crockett [Sunny_2010]   (28.07.2016 07:53)
What is wrong guys, almost no new adds since weeks.
Will you come back with new stuff soon?
Answer: Yes of course, new publication will be allowed soon (think that from 1 or 2 august)
I'm return from hospital through 3 days (have a little problem my friend with my health)
Sorry for long break
Have a nice time

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182. Botaky Wotaky [ethanguo]   (23.07.2016 05:53)
hi there I have just transferred 15 EUR. Can I have VIP access pls? thanks.
Answer: Sorry for little delay, Your VIP will be activated now

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181. taro yamada [sute_address987654321]   (18.07.2016 06:02)
rar password

180. Avram Avram [Arpi28]   (06.07.2016 23:08)
Ooohh, what a great colection...
Answer: Hope that you not dissappointed my friend and will be get more pleasures in future

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179. Avram Avram [Arpi28]   (01.07.2016 18:11)
I made the transfer of 15 euros. Please check and thanks for patience.
Answer: VIP was activated
I'm sorry for little wait

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178. Avram Avram [Arpi28]   (28.06.2016 21:57)
There is still no posible to upload money to skrill, but the card was checked and almost 2 euros was retired from my card for nothing. And no posibility to contact skrill.What other ways is to send money? But in english.
Answer: Try to get help from Skrill, sorry i can't manage your money (and hope it's good)
You can use phone for resolve any problem with add money:

International +44 203 308 2520
(rates depend on your provider) Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
United Kingdom +44 203 308 2519 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
Germany +49 302 2403 0293 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
Spain +34 935 452 390 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
Italy +39 064 523 6612 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
Poland +48 221 288 257 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
France +33 173 443 315 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
Russia +7 495 249 5439 Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00 GMT
USA +1 855 719 2087
(toll free within the USA) Mon - Sun 24/7

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177. Avram Avram [Arpi28]   (17.06.2016 20:59)
Is there a paypal way or other more simple? Everything is "pending", "waiting"...
It takes a week for a simple transaction? Why don't you work with simple and, of course, secured ways? wacko
Answer: we will no longer use to accept payments through Paypal, because It sets limits for Russia leading policy of sanctions

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176. Avram Avram [Arpi28]   (16.06.2016 21:43)
Where must I enter this sum?
Answer: All requested info you can read on skrill help (for verify procedure see next link):


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175. Avram Avram [Arpi28]   (16.06.2016 21:05)
I cannot upload money from my card to my Skrill account, it's inactive that method. And also I can't use the another ways to send money, everything is russian.
Answer: For add money to Skrill every user must make verification procedure:
Add credit card information (type, number, date of validate, 3-digit code) > skrill try to take from card automatically little sum of money (from 1 to 2 dollars) > you must verify how many money takes from card and confirm this enter to presented field > after this you can add any sum to your account without problem

This is a common policy of the majority of online payment systems, because they need to be sure that this credit card is yours

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174. majer pawel [magdex]   (13.05.2016 00:11)
Hi I am New I glasd to join

173. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (06.05.2016 16:18)

Please DJ Karsten - Dance Beat Explosion - volume 26
Answer: Link was updated

172. michael babbage [michaelbabbage54]   (04.05.2016 12:33)
I am new here but wondered if i could post requests here if it is not please remove this

DMC Commercial collection 400 May 2016


Mastermix 359 May 2016

Thank you in advance
Answer: My friend

Site not work "by request" for any newest or older releases that you wanted to listen (download)

We can try refresh any wrong link to download was published before on our site

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171. michael babbage [michaelbabbage54]   (03.05.2016 18:29)
Hello! 15 € transfer made, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Hello Michael
Your VIP status was activated, please read letter (sended to your e-mail address) for more info also

Have a nice time

170. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (20.04.2016 04:48)
Hello PLease

Spanish mix vol.17, vol 33 cd2 , vol.47
Mixmania vol.17,19,20,21,22,25, 26,5

Answer: What is Mixmania?
Can be you want to say Mixmaxima???

Requested volumes was refreshed

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