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406. John Lee [Futronics]  (23.12.2023 01:38)
Can you reload Grand 12-Inches Vol 16 by Ben Liebrand
Answer: link to vol 16 always worked, why reload?

405. Ayub Siddiqui [djsidnewyork]  (07.11.2023 01:25)
can you please uploaded 2023

All In One Partybreaks and Remixes


404. John Lee [Futronics]  (24.09.2023 23:21)
Can you also reload June 21 links Thank you.
Answer: ReUpped
Don’t overuse requests to restore everything possible, it’s annoying to say the least

403. [Italocat]  (24.09.2023 11:56)
Hello my friend,

after long time I come back and see with pleasure, you are still working on this side.
This is great, but all the links on zippysha.re or imagenNetz.de doesn't work.
Is there any chance, that you change the download service for this missing link?

Best regards

402. John Lee [Futronics]  (23.09.2023 01:01)
Can you reload all of the June 19 downloads as they are not working
Answer: Updated

401. [HC96]  (22.09.2023 16:20)
Hello my best. Unfortunately, all files on netzwelt.de from May to August are offline. Can you please restore them?
Answer: I can't to use netzwelt.de for share files

I can try to restore some releases, write what exactly is needed

Restoring all links is not productive and there is no great desire

A request option (if you want to receive it without long waits) is like this:

29 June
Lian Ross - 4You [2023]
VA - [Mastermix] DJ Re-Grids Collection vol 3 [2023]
VA - Sunshine 2023 [2023] Mixed by Slasherz

03 July
Mylene Farmer - L'Emprise (Remixes) [2023]
THENAVE - This Is Not For You [2023]
VA - [Select Mix] 2000s Essentials vol 2 [2022]
VA - Thunderdome XXX (Celebrating 30 Years Of Hardcore) [2022] / 6xCD

and so forth

400. John Lee [Futronics]  (01.09.2023 22:51)
The older page from June 8 to June 18 links to download does not work. Can you refresh them?
Answer: Updated

399. Fred Feuerstein [feuersteinfred70]  (12.08.2023 22:21)
Hi, please upload some of these if possible:
Michael Cretu - Gambit 2012
Best Regards

398. reidar evanger [reievang1964]  (01.07.2023 04:31)
wellkommen back we have miss you i hope start there u end before you stop upl things from 80s 90s kep up good work we are here for you biggrin

397. [mikestephens]  (09.02.2023 16:47)
Hi, I was just wondering are you updating the site now? as I used to manage to get all my Mastermix & Dmc collections but hardly see any at all now for some time.

396. Hafeez [realdeal_uk]  (29.12.2022 18:29)
Hi, please upload some of these if possible:

DMC New Year Eve Monsterjam Vol.8 (2022)
DMC Monsterjam 2022 (2 x CD)
Mastermix Grandmaster 2022 Part 1
Mastermix Grandmaster 2022 Part 2
The Mastermix Collection – Christmas & New Year (2022)

Thank you in advance
Answer: DMC Monsterjam 2022 always presented - http://gorbushka4ever.net/publ/01_december/1-1-0-3068

395. John Lee [Futronics]  (24.12.2022 21:15)
The Mega Up site to download file I do not trust as it can contact virus and can you do another download for the music instead of the Mega Up? Thanks.

394. Hafeez [realdeal_uk]  (29.11.2022 07:34)
Please refresh link

VA - [DMC] Mid Year Monsterjam 2022 [2022] Mixed by Keith Mann
Answer: Reuploaded

393. turgi lv [turgilv]  (05.11.2022 21:30)
Dear Frindes just back to use the website but all download are failed can you please advise ASAP thank cool
Answer: indicate which links do not work, it just does not happen - ALL downloads are unsuccessful

392. Roman [Romario]  (28.08.2022 00:21)
Добрый день.
Как бы дальше не сложилось, в любом случае огромное спасибо за труды.
За все это время не раз обращал внимание на то, что Горбушка становилась одним из основных источников пополнения новым материалом для многих отечественных муз. ресурсов. Жаль аналогов нет.
Удачи и еще раз спасибо.
Answer: В любом коленкоре все будет хорошо
На Горбушке меня называли Серега-золото", я всех помню

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