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204. valko vassilev [valko]   (11.07.2017 12:20)
Hi, please tell me how to do payment to you from my Viza?
Answer: Create your account on skrill as presented in this video - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/7Jfp/ZryD3a8bs
add your visa card to your account (will be cheked by froud system)
transfer money to your account from this VISA card
transfer money from your account to our account
its all

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203. djslim slim [djslim132]   (27.02.2017 15:50)
Can i pay with paypal for vip account?
Answer: I'm sorry, but we will no longer use to accept payments through Paypal, because now It sets limits for Russia leading policy of sanctions, so we will no longer accept payments through this system

You can try to send money through Skrill ( https://www.skrill.com ), it is as simple as Paypal transaction, long-running (founded 15 years ago in London) european payment system (named before Moneybookers)

202. glenn yagos [gyagos]   (18.02.2017 02:27)
Thank You for completing the Mastermix Collection.
Looking for the following DMC COMMERCIAL COLLECTIONS if you have. I need the following #'s 376, 377, 378, 338, 253 & 254. I tried to search on the site, but nothing was found
Answer: Why do you not help to us to expand the site my friend? For example to upload all missing editions mastermix (101-300), think that users would be grateful to you smile
I'm not have complete DMC issues

201. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (17.02.2017 16:56)

Ultimix Medley Collection you can not possibly charge.

Answer: not sure that i have it

200. glenn yagos [gyagos]   (16.02.2017 06:00)
Thank you for all the Mastermix issues. I am only missing one ISSUE 302 if you have
Answer: was published today

199. glenn yagos [gyagos]   (10.02.2017 08:26)
I have a few requests if you have them
MasterMix Issues 302, 303, 304, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 313, 315, 318, 319

Thanks in advance
Answer: Really?
I'm try to make upload requested releases by you at this weekend

198. jose lopez [jrfierrez]   (03.02.2017 16:24)
please I can get Temprogressive vol. 1, 2,3,4 thank you
Answer: Not see news on site with this releases

Sorry, i dont make publish any release by request (its impossible), only refresh any older not worked links that was presented before

197. Chris Reuter [Story]   (27.11.2016 03:47)
MW Team - Magic Synth In Covers - Special Edition II, MW Team - Project series 02 and 29 ,MW Team - No More Words - Chapter 06 and 07 , MW Team - Digital Dancefloor 1,2 and 12 , MW Team - Heartbeat Emotions 67,68,69,70 and 81 , MW Team - Magic Synth 47 down

Answer: All requested releases was refreshed

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196. Chris Reuter [Story]   (25.11.2016 19:53)
Hello! 20 € transfer made, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: VIP status was activated, please also check your e-mail and read letter

Have a nice time

195. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (24.11.2016 02:48)

100 Hits
-70s Classics
-70s heart Throbs
-90s Anthems
-2000s Pop
-Car Song
-Classical Greatest
-Classics Country
-Complete Chillout
-Country Greatest
-Dancefloor Anthems
-Disco Fever
-Hits Woman
-Indie Anthems
-Kitsch Lounge
-Ladies Night
-Love Songs
-Party Anthems
-Party Classics
-Peace & Love
-Power Ballads
-Pure 80s
-Rock Jukebox
-Relaxing Classics
-Summer Reggae
-Super 70s
-Swingings 60s
-Uk no1s
-Ultimate Love
-Ultimate no1s
-Ultimate Soul
Answer: I'm published 47 volumes (that i'm have from this series), hope that another volumes (if wanted) you can find at another places my friend

194. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (24.11.2016 02:23)
BIG Thanks please more

193. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (23.11.2016 02:29)

100 hits entitled albums you can not ask

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192. gil mey [gili80]   (21.10.2016 23:55)
i payed u with skrill
plz give me vip access smile
thnx in advance
i sent u a mail
Answer: Your VIP was activated, please read letter also for more info
Thank you for cooperation
Have a nice time

191. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (19.10.2016 12:08)

[Mastermix] DJ Beats Volume 24 and 25 and 30
Answer: Not see news on site with this releases

Sorry, i dont make publish any release by request, only refresh any older not worked links that was presented before

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190. Stephan Desmoulin [download]   (04.10.2016 00:26)
Hi, I just tried sending a payment from Skrill (USA) and the transaction was declined. Are you currently able to receive payments from the USA via any method? Thanks!
Answer: Sorry, try to resolve your problem with Skrill phone in USA - +1 855 719 2087
(toll free within the USA) Mon - Sun 24/7

We not have problem for payment from European users (for example) and from USA and Canadian members too, may be you make wrong action...
- create your account
- add money to your account (from your card or bank account)
- transfer money from your account to our account

Don't use direct transfer (example: direct from your credit card to our account at one step) because some banks can cancel this online procedure

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