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216. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (14.03.2018 13:25)
my LOGIN is defect please check it

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215. Night [nighthunter]   (10.03.2018 21:24)
Hello, I can pay the VIP access with PayPal,right on the side is "paypal by request"
Answer: I'm send necessary data to your registered e-mail
Have a nice time

214. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (22.02.2018 00:20)

Please Deep 90s vol 5

Answer: this bootleg already posted on site - Deep 90s vol 5

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213. gustin blockx [gustinblockx]   (17.02.2018 19:42)
I just did my payment with skrill
Can you upgrade me too vip status

Answer: VIP was activated, please read more info in sended letter to your e-mail address
Have a nice time

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212. Robur Gorki [Robur]   (18.01.2018 12:59)
Happy Birthday! biggrin
Answer: Thank you very much

211. Hafeez [realdeal_uk]   (21.12.2017 23:08)
Hi have a request please if possible please:

DMC - Various - Monsterjam 2017 - Album

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! smile
Answer: some later my friend, i'm will remember
have a nice holidays

210. Sunny [Sunny_2010]   (30.10.2017 14:37)
Are you currently doing a break?

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209. valko [valko]   (16.10.2017 01:42)
Hi, 20 EUR transfer made via Skrill, please upgrade me to VIP asap, thank you!
Answer: Your VIP status was activated / Please read letter for more info

208. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (20.09.2017 23:02)

MixMaster McGee - Continious Mix 75

Answer: Sorry, I'm not have this volume, because its very longplay - 12 hours mix (New Year edition) and i'm think that is compiled from some previous volumes of series

207. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (05.09.2017 11:51)
Answer: Not, site is working, all links allowed for download, only have a break with new publications
Site is only hobby, i have main work for make money for life and now there is not enough time to deal with his development much
maybe a little later the normal work will resume, because it is very difficult to add and publish dozens of news

206. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (30.08.2017 11:15)

Do you have a break?

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205. jose cortez [jose2030]   (13.08.2017 14:47)


username jose2030

will not let me download been a vip for years
Answer: Thinks that you VIP accaunt name - jose20302883 (e-mail: jmc****@gmail.com)

If you forgot password, please check this news - http://gorbushka4ever.net/news/dear_friends/2017-07-11-30009

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204. jose cortez [jose2030]   (13.08.2017 14:43)
i been using this site for long time but its denying me vip doesnt let me download anymore can you please fix my account thank you

username jose030
Answer: Hello
jose2030 have not VIP status
Probably you can use another account with VIP, please send me The approximate date when you received the status, I'll try to find your second account if you do not remember it

203. Gods [Gods]   (05.08.2017 13:55)

sagt wann geht es hier wieder weiter? oder kommt nichts mehr neues an Mixen ?

Es steht schon die längste Zeit wir kommen bald wieder aber das ist schon wieder eine Woche her:(((

Answer: Previous year this breaktime was more longer - for 13 July to 25 August
Please, Be patient, everything will be fine
Today the site has been paid for the next two years, now you will not even see ads on it
I try to return to his replenishment as quickly as possible

Have a nice time

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202. valko vassilev [valko]   (11.07.2017 12:20)
Hi, please tell me how to do payment to you from my Viza?
Answer: Create your account on skrill as presented in this video - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/7Jfp/ZryD3a8bs
add your visa card to your account (will be cheked by froud system)
transfer money to your account from this VISA card
transfer money from your account to our account
its all

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