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233. Yra [yrgen]   (06.11.2018 08:26)
Приветствую всех. Такой микс в мр3 не попадался?
Answer: Нет не попадался
Строго говоря это не микс, а компиляция восьми-десяти треков в одном файле, переходов там вообще не наблюдается, если не считать затухание в конце каждой мелодии как таковые.

232. Yra [yrgen]   (03.11.2018 21:23)
Вечер добрый
Подскажите выкладывали ли вы вот этот микс.

New Italo Disco Megamix Van Der Koy 2
Заранее спасибо.
Answer: Думаю это он:

231. josema josema [josema151]   (17.08.2018 03:41)
Has someone to share: King - Remixes & Rarities
thanks ... wink

230. Biga Csiga [nkar]   (20.07.2018 09:47)
Are there any hope that new things will come back?

229. Sunny [Sunny_2010]   (20.06.2018 23:25)
Sorry, just read your answer in the post below.
So forget my question and take all the time you need.
Family, Health and other important things always comes first.
I cross my fingers and press my thumbs for your relatives.
Hope everything will be fine soon again.
All the best for you!

228. Sunny [Sunny_2010]   (20.06.2018 09:31)
Hi guys,

you are doing a lot of longer breaks this year.
Is everything ok, will this page stay up?

Many thanks for a quick feedback.

227. josema josema [josema151]   (19.06.2018 17:23)
Hi, it is possible to obtain the disk:
Divine ‎– Don't Ever Stop! 2018
Answer: I'm not publish any publication "by request" my friend
Only refresh any "not working" link presented on site

Now i'm not have this release in any case and unfotunatelly not have time to publish any "new releases" on site, its temporary situation is based on the fact that due to family circumstances due to the serious illness of one of the relatives, the publication simply does not have enough time

I hope that soon we will return to the normal mode of the site, as soon as it becomes a bit easier

Thank you for understanding...

226. josema josema [josema151]   (18.06.2018 00:19)
[DMC] Classic Mixes - I Love Mod, Ska & Soul vol 1 [2018]
the clue 06 is missing
–The Special AKA - Gangsters (Remix Dakeyne 4:35
it is not included in the download

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225. josema josema [josema151]   (17.06.2018 15:44)
good morning, I would like to make a payment through PayPal.
my email is jos*****1@hotmail.com .
thanks and a greeting .... Josema.
Answer: I'm send necessary data to your e-mail
Have a nice time

ps i'm remove some symbols from your correct address, dont worry, this action maked only for your privacy

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224. Christer Ålund [KristerSwe]   (16.06.2018 16:42)
Can I please pay the VIP access with PayPal, Thank you!
Answer: I'm send necessary data to your registered e-mail
Have a nice time

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223. Axel Stein [fvdg]   (20.04.2018 19:14)
20 EUR transfer made via Paypal, please can you upgrade me to VIP?
Thank you!
Answer: please wait a little time, i'm trust you but as soon as receive a confirmation from the wallet owner, I will immediately activate your account
thank you and sorry for a small inconvenience

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222. Axel Stein [fvdg]   (18.04.2018 19:52)
Can I please pay the VIP access with PayPal, right on the side is "paypal by request"?
Answer: I'm send necessary data to your registered e-mail
Have a nice time

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221. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (16.04.2018 07:46)
3 weeks im access denied and no comment , zthats bad and not ok . please check my account or telll me why banned.

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220. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (22.03.2018 20:45)
access denied , can you help me? Please answer , must i have a new account say what you want .

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219. Howie Dede [Klaus]   (18.03.2018 08:46)
Warum wird mein Account nicht repariert? Ich würde mir gerne die Ein oder Andere Scheibe sichern wollen . Vielen Dank schon mal !!

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